Bret Hoffmann was an originator, a true pioneer who should be remembered for the trail he blazed.

I wish I wasn’t writing this. I feel like I’m watching my childhood unravel one band at a time. These reflections have truly become a homage to the music that made me what I am.

Bret Hoffmann was an originator, a true pioneer who should be remembered for the trail he blazed. Malevolent Creation was founded in Buffalo, New York (1987). They are one of the original founders of death metal music. Shortly after their inception, the band relocated to Florida and became part of the ‘Legendary Florida Death Metal Scene’ which included such famed acts as Deicide, Death and Obituary.

The group has released twelve studio efforts and three live albums. Malevolent Creation are death metal ‘road warriors’ who managed to remain relevant despite crippling lineup changes, including the loss of their true vocalist. I don’t know about you but I can only think of Malevolent Creation with Bret Hoffmann at the helm, he was a master at working a crowd and understood the force of Malevolent’s music. A death metal icon who completed the group’s sinister sound.

The Ten Commandments was Malevolent Creation’s debut release and it is one of my favorites. This was the album that put the band on the map. Heavily influenced by Kreator, Sodom and Slayer, the record was released back in 1991. Today this is considered by many to be the band’s greatest release. From the thrash oriented opening “Memorial Arrangements” to the psychotic death metal classic “Premature Burial” you know you are in for some real punishment!

I know Bret Hoffmann was many things to many people but to me he will always be a revered death metal legend. The vocalist who put Malevolent Creation on the map, a group I will forever treasure. \m/

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