Unlimited Diffusion is a worthy addition to your metal collection, check it out!

There’s no doubt that heavy metal has been a male dominated subculture nearly since its inception but that observation seems primed to change. These past few years we’ve seen more and more female artists taking visible roles within the metal scene. The invasion has been so prevalent that gender has become an afterthought when identifying quality music.

Aldious is an all-female Japanese heavy metal act, active since 2008.  Unlike some bands hailing from Asia, Aldious is not a gimmick. The musicianship is real. This isn’t the ‘cute, pop metal sound’ that has been overtaking Japan since 2010. Although Aldious are considered the originators of Japan’s “Girl Metal Boom”, their music is straight up heavy metal in the classical sense.  Unlimited Diffusion, is a collection of solid songs filled with memorable riffs and solos.

Speed is a weapon for Aldious and the exemplary guitar work of Yoshi and Toki is undoubtedly aimed to keep it that way. Vocalist Re:NO is more than just an effective singer. Her melodic vocals fit well within this attack, from speedy riffs to slower ballads. Her voice keeps your attention. The unified choruses enhance the musicality and add a significant complexity to the songs. Highlight tracks for me are: “In This World”, “Utopia”, “Reincarnation”, “Go Away”  and “Lose Control”.

The poweful melodies of Aldious have convinced me metal will always have a place somewhere in the world. Unlimited Diffusion is a worthy addition to any metal collection, check it out! \m/

Aldious are:

Re:NO – Vocals
Yoshi – Guitars
Toki – Guitars
Sawa – Bass
Marina – Drums

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