David Halbe

Founder and Author

I live in the USA and I’m a fan of all types of metal: Black, Death, Hair, Thrash, Nu, Core, Sleeze, Stoner, Groove, etc… I have a huge collection of heavy metal CDs and I have been attending shows since 1986. Nothing is too extreme or poserish for me, if it rocks it rocks. Metal is the music we all have in common, it is our lifeblood. \m/
Email Dave at dave@themetalchannel.net.

Roger Schultz - Editor in Chief, The Metal ChannelRoger Schultz

Editor and PR Manager

I like big tits and Ozzy Osbourne the same as any other red blooded American male. I’m a skinny, long haired, no-assed freak. My friends at work say I’m stuck in the ’80s and quite frankly I like it there. Thrash metal is my favorite but I’m open to all forms of metal. I’ve been attending live shows since the early ’80s and I hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon. Cold beers and cheers! \m/
Email Roger at roger@themetalchannel.net.

Storm Wolf Design TeamStorm Wolf Design

Design Team

Storm Wolf Design are the brains behind the bad ass site being so easy on the eyes (and the content writers!) as well as for the soon-to-be Metal Channel app.  The design team are Steve Pinkerton, Anita Malloy, and Jacklynn Hollis.
Steve Pinkerton - The Metal Channel Design Team Lead

Steve Pinkerton – Design Team Lead

Steve is a thrash metal guitarist and Open Source fanatic, who is often playing D&D when not writing code or blasting riffs.
Email Steve at steve@themetalchannel.net
Anita Malloy - Design Team and Author

Anita Malloy – Design Team and Author

Anita plays bass and also enjoys chasing storms in the Midwest and conducting paranormal investigations when not banging heads.
Email Anita at anita@themetalchannel.net

Mike Nease - Author, The Metal ChannelMike Nease

Author & Social Media

Gut-wrenching metal guitars rock! Into all forms of metal but Death Metal is my favorite. Into family, friends, cold beer, bikes and guitar!
Email Mike at mike@themetalchannel.net

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