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HELLNITE – Midnight Terrors

Musically Hellnite has the right idea, a hybrid meshing of classic thrash and modern interpretation is a welcome offering. Whenever…

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RIFFOCITY – Under A Mourning Sky

Moving from traditional wails to defiant screams, this vibrant intensity gives Under A Mourning Sky a lot of replay ability….

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CONTORSION – United Zombie Nations

If you like thrashing speedy riffs that are as maliciously rabid as a half-starved zombie driving a Maserati this is…

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WARBRINGER – Woe To The Vanquished

The Warbringer machine is firing some heavy caliber weaponry with sights set on thrash destruction! A solider is steadfast in…

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WARBRINGER – “Remain Violent”

The riotous visuals are stirring and fit perfectly with the bands ultra-aggressive style. I often equate the band Warbringer to…

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WARBRINGER – “Silhouettes”

These visuals depict the highest level of mass destruction with mushroom clouds preceding high velocity terror. Perseverance is a word…

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KREATOR – “Gods Of Violence” & “The Devil Is Real”

Kreator is corrupting the masses with their barbarous view of the world and it’s hard not to get caught up…

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VADER – The Empire

Vader have proven yet again why they are held high in the hierarchy of death metal elite. Quality and perseverance…

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