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The blood of the eel is poisonous to humans just as the music of Kommandant can be fatal to your…

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DEMON BOY – “My Coffin”

If you find blood filled bathtubs and impalement by crosses disturbing, Demon Boy is definitely not for you! The relationship…

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GODS FORSAKEN – In A Pitch Black Grave

Imagine a band of demons, reawakened by the Necronomicon, unleashed upon this Earth to play death metal and you’re close…

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FIRESPAWN – “Serpent Of The Ocean”

The video ends with a cut of a satisfied crowd cheering the band on. Nothing could be more appropriate for…

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SAURON – The Baltic Fog

The attack is more about feeling and emotion than it is production values. Lyrical offerings of wretched incantations and canticles…

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ABBATH – “Winterbane”

Continuing your career as a solo artist is never an easy task, especially if the group you are leaving behind…

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Country of Origin: Norway Formed In: 1997 Genre: Black Metal Last Known Label: Indie Recordings Website: http://legion1349.wdex.siteman.no/ Social Media: “Slaves”…

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Dark Funeral

Country of Origin: Sweden Formed In: 1993 Genre: Black Metal Last Known Label: Century Media Records Website: http://www.darkfuneral.se/ Social Media: “Unchain…

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DARK FUNERAL’s Nachtgarm: “There Is A Big Difference Between Believing In Something And Religion”

“You don’t have to be extreme to listen to black metal; you just have to be true to yourself.” I’ve…

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