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HELGARDH – Mallevs Maleficarvm

From the instrumental opening to the grandiose finish this record has enough variation to satisfy any demon following these fractured…

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BELPHEGOR – “Baphomet”

Belphegor’s “Baphomet” has it all. A blackened death metal assault with enough gory visuals to churn your stomach! Check out…

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Suicide Silence offered innovation guitar work accompanied by rapid fire beats. They focused on anti-societal themes and set them to…

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MAYHEM – “Watchers”

If you’re a fan of black metal you’ve undoubtedly heard of Mayhem. Considered by many to a forefather of the…

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Country of Origin: Norway Formed In: 1991 Genre: Black Metal, Dark Ambient Last Known Label: Byelobog Productions Website: https://www.burzum.org SocialMedia: “Dunkelheit”

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Country of Origin: Norway Formed In: 1984 Genre: Black Metal Last Known Label: Season Of Mist Website: https://www.thetruemayhem.com Social Media: “Watchers” “Anti”   “Psywar”…

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Country of Origin: Norway Formed In: 1987 Genre: Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal Last Known Label: Peaceville Records Website: https://myspace.com/officialdarkthrone…

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