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JACKYL – “When Will It Rain”

“When Will It Rain” was a great track in ’92 and it’s still great today. Jesse’s wails and the lockdown…

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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – “Room Of Nightmares”

The deadpan expressions of Zakk Wylde are priceless. When you add a kick ass track with an amazing solo you…

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Black Label Society

Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 1998 Genre: Heavy Metal Last Known Label: E1 Music Website: http://www.zakkwylde.com/ Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/blacklabelsociety/ “Room Of Nightmares”…

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Zakk Wylde

Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 1995 Genre: Hard Rock, Southern Rock Last Known Label: Mayhem Records Website: http://www.zakkwylde.com…

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