Author: Anita Malloy

TYPE O NEGATIVE – Where Are They Now?

Type O Negative took the world by storm back in the ’90s with hits such as “Black Number 1”, “Cinnamon…

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SEVEN KINGDOMS – Camden Cruz Discusses Touring With Blind Guardian, Florida Metal Scene, HP Lovecraft, Thrash Influences.

While surfing through videos, I stumbled across the band Seven Kingdoms and was completely blown away by the vocals of…

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Brazil’s Mauro Cordeiro of LEATHERJACKS talks metal, goals, and inspirations.

Mauro Cordeiro is bringing metal to us from Brazil with his own design and producing all his own music. He…

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GABRIEL AND THE APOCALYPSE – Lindy Gabriel Discusses Mushroomhead Tour, New Record, Minneapolis Metal Scene, Animal Activism.

“I’d say the new record is more along the lines of “Beauty Under Glass” because John was really involved with…

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TOY CALLED GOD’s Patrick Donovan Talks New Album And Tour, Song Meanings, Facing Your Demons.

“So the new album is going to be called #Socialvangelism and the songs are based on the concept of what…

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THRUST Talk About New Album, Recording Material, Athens Greece, Debut During NWOBHM.

Thrust are one of the forerunners of the American metal scene, coming into their own and into prominence in the…

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SOCIETY 1’S Matt Zane Talks Unreleased Featured Documentary, History Of The Band, Manson, and David Lee Roth.

“I have an article somewhere saved where the writer at some point said in the article ‘Marilyn Manson better move…

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NEORHYTHM – “Nanogods”

Otherworldly math metal meets alien perspective – Neorhythm bring Nanogods on full afterburner. The mysterious duo out of Finland named…

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